From a basement to export, it only took four years.

This is a statement that defines what Musleather is today. Co-founder of the company, Álvaro Sousa  began a lace company for the footwear industry in 1994. Due to the excess of waste in the leather industry  the entrepreneur Alvaro began to produce/make belts, all of them by hand, and sold them door to door to shopkeepers. This product turned out to be, and even still today, the core of the company’s business. The different vision at the time and the commitment to quality paid off and led the company, after four years, to export a large part of its production, reaching the current 80% of the market. England, Sweden, Denmark, and United States of America are amongst the main exportation markets.

Family values ​​are at the basis of the company’s identity.

Without ever losing its own identity, Musleather was born through a good relationship between two family members which gradually led up to the present eleven collaborators. Today, the work team comprises of the managing partner Álvaro Sousa who is also the clientele  manager, José Pereira who is responsible for the creative process and Sérgio Barroso, the company’s financial manager.

Personalization, innovation, and creativity combined with family values ​​are the main factors that distinguish Musleather. Since 1994 creating value and satisfied the wishes and needs of our customers.